[Snort-users] Nimda in action deplorable stuff this...

Jay and Lynn Withrow jandlynn at ...125...
Wed Sep 19 09:30:04 EDT 2001

I am now redirecting all Code Red request back to themselves, so maybe it 
will get lost in a circular referance, as I am redirecting it back to itself 
exactly as the request was sent.

I plan on doing the same for the nimda worm as soon as I figure out how to 
map +dir as a file extension to the asp engine, it doesn't seem to like the 
+ as an extension delimiter, and it keeps appending a .

This way, when a request is made for c+dir, they will actually be requesting 
a file named c with the extension +dir (c+dir).

- Jason

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>Subject: RE: [Snort-users] Nimda in action  deplorable stuff this...
>Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 23:51:00 +0800
>sorry mate, I went there on a windows 2000 box that has IIS running,
>(testing perl scripts)
>and when it asked me to download the file, I did, saved it to my desktop,
>and scanned it with innoculate, (didn't find anything) then zipped it so I
>wouldn't accidentally run it, and deleted the original...
>I was going to all the sites from my logs to look for email address's to
>warn people about their server when I came accross them... I clicked cancel
>when it asked to download on each one, and had no problems...
>I thought I would mention,, I have been goin to the pages of the IP's
>showing up in the logs, so as to get some real email address's instead of
>Most of the pages that came up, were default NT4 or 2000 pages, ie these
>people don't even know they are running a web server...  also, a port scan
>of them show that most of them didn't even have firewalls around them,,, 
>had at least 20 or more ports listening on them...
>That is deplorable lack of though into security...
>just thought I'd mention it.....
>Does anyone have a small perl/shell script that can use ipchains to block
>any ip that requests cmd.exe, root.exe, admin.dll etc etc???   sometime 
>that would be small and lite and much less impact on the systems then
>snort.... and just as effective in this case....
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>Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Nimda in action
>Thought i sent a message but i guesst not.
>Just a note, the file may autoload on some machines.
>I may have been infected but i'm not sure yet. the report at symantec of
>what this worm does seems to have not taken place on my computer.
>I do have a copy that i transfered from the internet temp to a Linux box 
>safe keeping in case somebody wants a copy for study.
>Interestingly, i think the reason i was "protected" was that media player
>was the application chosen by windows to "play" it. as it was an invalid
>media file, it stopped proccess. I still have to confirm as to if i truly 
>safe or not. a few tests here and there. i changed all referances to my 
>server to a bogus ip and started up Zone Alarm so any internet traffic that
>i don't say "yes" to will be haulted.
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> >
> >
> >if anyone wants to see nimda in action (and you haven't already.)
> >
> >try going to this site..
> >
> >http://203-236-233-27.rev.nextel.co.kr/
> >
> >whatever you do, don't run the readme.exe file....(assuming you are on
> >windows..)
> >
> >rgds
> >
> >Frank
> >
> >
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