[Snort-users] Infected? Help Me Find Out!

Jason Withrow jwithrow at ...422...
Tue Sep 18 23:01:02 EDT 2001

It appears I was not fully infected.
Perhaps due to the fact that I unmapped ida's and idq's and no folders
had execute permissions?
All I had was a crap load of weird file in my scripts folder and I also
had the admin.dll on c and d.
None of the other files or regKeys were found, and a look at the logs
shows no 200 status returns.
- J
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Possibly true, but not much help. 
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According to Jason Withrow: 
> Anyone know the complete removal process? I think I got it all, but
> knows. 
Unplug network cable.  
Plug in network cable. 
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