[Snort-users] help pcap problem

James Fowler santiago at ...3498...
Tue Sep 18 11:43:01 EDT 2001

Hello.  I'm certain there are lots of newbie questions posted.  I was
unable to find a searchable archive of past postings (if anyone has a
My problem is this:
ERROR: OpenPcap() FSM compilation failed: parse error PCAP command: start
Fatal Error, Quitting.. Log directory = Reading Conf File... Initializing
Network Interface eth0 256

I compiled libcap 0.6.2 specifically for this.  I also recompiled my
kernel, 2.4.2, just to be certain.  Any ideas on what is causing this?  I
understand the error is with PCAP.   I have tried installing different
versions, 0.4.39 also.  Still doens't resolve the problem.  My best guess
is maybe an incompatibility between tcpdump and libpcap.  Any ideas?  Help
This is an almost stock RH7.1 on x86 hardware.


James Fowler
Technology & Education					
jamesf at ...3499...						ICQ: 22088266

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