[Snort-users] Silcondefense.com Snort_1.8.b77_MSSQL_Binary

John Berkers berjo at ...827...
Tue Sep 18 04:53:01 EDT 2001

The lack of unsigned int is a real pain.  Esp when trying to keep track of
IP addresses.  I wrote a set of functions in VBA that will take an dotted
notation IP and convert it to a signed int, take a signed int and convert it
to dotted IP.  I did this stuff at work and I don't have a copy of it at
home.  Let me know if ye want the source. (Use my work e-mail, that way
you'll get it quicker john.berkers at ...3164...).

On the other hand, ACID is not too hard to configure, and it saves inventing
another one of those round things with a stick through the middle. ;-)


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I am using Access right now to view the logs entries.  I am having a
little trouble getting the IP Addresses to format correctly.  VB does
not have a Unsigned Int variable so it has been a bit of  a head ache.
I plan on trying to get ACID running next but that may be a few weeks

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People that are logging to MSSQL: what are you using to view the alerts?

- Lee

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