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You can go into MySQl from the command prompt and change to the snort 
database (\u snort) then do (show tables;). Then you can delete the 
records. See MySQL manual for syntax

At 04:28 PM 9/17/2001 -0400, Reeves, Michael (GEAE, Compaq) wrote:
>I would drop the database and recreate it if you want to start "fresh" 
>Only takes a few minutes... Or even create a new instance and have your 
>new events logged there and point ACID there. Hope that helps.
>Mike Reeves
>Security Administrator
>GE Aircraft
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>When I look at my default snort view screen I see TCP, UCP, ICMp, etc.... 
>how can I erase all of this and start clean?
>I want to move my sensor to another subnet but want to clear out the old 
>I'm using acid v0.9.6b6 for windows 2000
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>Yepper there is a way.
>select a protocol to look at and then go to the bottom. the selection on 
>the left side will let you do several things. Archive is one as well as 
>delete. Choos which one and then go right to select only that page, all in 
>query or you can check the blocks on the ones you want to perform actions 
>on. All this is on the latest version of ACID
>Good luck
>At 03:40 PM 9/17/2001 -0400, Wells, Kenneth L wrote:
>>I'm currently using ACId for my snort Ids. Is there a way that I can 
>>archive old data and start collecting new data?

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