[Snort-users] Snort - MySql - ACID and multiple sensors

bhayes at ...3464... bhayes at ...3464...
Mon Sep 17 13:25:05 EDT 2001

I am having some trouble getting snort to log to a mysql server.  One
remote snort host did properly connect to the mysql host once. ACID did
correctly identify the sensor ID and its interface once. However, the
database did not pick up any alerts, even after using a nework-based
vulnerability scanner.

The sensor has subsequently refused to connect to the mysql host.  Snort
complains that it is unable to connect to the Mysql server and then times

Setting up the sensor and the mysql server as standalone snort hosts works
well.  Snort logs everyhing from the proper interface.

Any ideas of where to look for this problem?

I am not yet subscribed to the list, so please respond directly.

Many thanks!


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