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Jason Withrow jwithrow at ...422...
Sat Sep 15 23:40:02 EDT 2001

Hi,  I just installed the 1.8 win32 build of Snort on a win2k Server.
I have having a difficult time getting the rule sets to work.
I think, that I don't have the rules set up properly. 
Do I need to define $INTERNAL and $EXTERNAL as ip/ports somewhere?
This is just for my home box.
Here is the sample rule I am trying to get to work.
alert TCP $EXTERNAL any -> $INTERNAL 80 (msg: "IDS552/web-iis_IIS ISAPI
Overflow ida"; dsize: >239; flags: A+; uricontent: ".ida?"; classtype:
system-or-info-attempt; reference: arachnids,552;)
Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated.
- Jwatch
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