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 TOS is a field of the IP header. It is made up of a 3bit precedence field,
a 4bit TOS field and a 0 bit, for 8 total bits. For a listing of the TOS
values try:
"TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 The Protocols" by W. Richard Stevens (ISBN
0-201-633469)    - Page 35 has a table of common TOS values
I would highly recommend this book to anyone running snort. It gives a great
in depth look at the IP protocol. I find myself constantly flipping open
this book when I can't remember the exact format of a packet.
Good luck,

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When I try to analyze packets I see TOS:0x0
How many types of services there are out there .... and is there any
documentation that explains what are those hexa  values stand for?

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