[Snort-users] Silcondefense.com Snort_1.8.b77_MSSQL_Binary

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People that are logging to MSSQL: what are you using to view the alerts?

- Lee

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I was the one who wrote the support for SQL Server in Snort.  For
clarification, no it does not use ODBC.  Rather, it uses SQL Server's
"DBLIB".  To get the TSQL script for creating tables/indexes, you will need
to download the Snort source code.  In there, you can find the TSQL script
in the "contrib" directory (it's a file called "create_mssql").  To enable
logging to the SQL Server database, there should be an example in the
"snort.conf" file.

To install Snort (with SQL Server support) on a Win32 machine, it is
reasonably comparable to installing Snort with support for MySQL, while
remembering to make any reasonable replacements of "MySQL" with "SQL
Server".  The instructions can be found here:


Chris Reid

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I discovered this file out on the SD website.  It looks as if they have
compiled Snort with support for Microsoft SQL Server.  I imagine this is via
ODBC but I am looking for some more info.  I will try to contact them as
well, but I thought I would post here and see if anyone would chime in.  I
plan on playing with this today but I thought I would ask if anyone has TSQL
scripts for table creation.  If not I will see what I can do with the MySql
setup script.  If I am successful I will post the TSQL up for anyone that is


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