[Snort-users] Forcing an interface into promis mode at bootup

David Gadbois gadbois at ...3338...
Fri Sep 14 06:57:02 EDT 2001

gfricke at ...1284... wrote:
> I know this is more of a Linux question, but my application is on my Linux box running snort as a NIDS.  How do you configure an interface (eth0) to be in proisc mode during the execution of the network script at bootup.  I have set the eth0 to be a black interface and would like it to be in promisc mode on boot so that I don't have to shell in and type the command every time it reboots.  Thanks in advance.

Others have mentioned adding "promisc" to the ifconfig command line.  If
you are using Red Hat-style startup scripts, you can add a line
"PROMISC=yes" to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.

--David Gadbois

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