[Snort-users] Forcing an interface into promis mode at bootup

Jim Kipp jkipp5 at ...530...
Thu Sep 13 15:31:02 EDT 2001

the command : ifconfig ethx promisc   should do it.
it will tell you when you do ifconfig ethx if it is in PROMISC or not

gfricke at ...1284... wrote:
> I know this is more of a Linux question, but my application is on my Linux box running snort as a NIDS.  How do you configure an interface (eth0) to be in proisc mode during the execution of the network script at bootup.  I have set the eth0 to be a black interface and would like it to be in promisc mode on boot so that I don't have to shell in and type the command every time it reboots.  Thanks in advance.

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