[Snort-users] Todays Terrorist Attack

Wayne T Work wwork at ...3179...
Wed Sep 12 08:59:02 EDT 2001

Good Info,

Keep posting more like this. We need to contain any possibility of escalation.
Thanks again

At 11:38 AM 9/12/2001 -0400, Gordon Ewasiuk wrote:
>On Yesterday, SecurityGauntlet wrote:
> >Please place postings on any trends that make you suspicious of  ANY future
> >Terrorist Attacks to come.
>Activity is increasing at this datacenter...
>over 3 million individual attacks since 1700hrs EST yesterday (11Sept01).
>Profiles include:  Code Red, SMTP probes & overflow attempts
>(passing large values during HELO, MAIL FROM, etc.), rpc stuff, as
>well as ping sweeps and port scans.
>Most of the bad guys are coming from APNIC IP blocks at this time.
>Secondary suspects are from RIPE blocks in France as well as cable
>modem/DSL block domestically.
>Gordon Ewasiuk, Certifed Sun Fanatic,  Winstar VHC
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