[Snort-users] Some flags in the pv structure in snort main

Brian bmc at ...950...
Mon Sep 10 17:35:02 EDT 2001

According to Anupam Bansal:
> I am just trying to understand some of Snort's data structures and source
> code. 
> The data structure pv in snort.c seems to hold most of the flags.
> What are the quiet flag and readmode flag for ??

<snip from snort.c>
case 'r':  /* read packets from a TCPdump file instead * of the net */
strlcpy(pv.readfile, optarg, STD_BUF);
pv.readmode_flag = 1;

<snip from snort.c>
case 'q':  /* no stdout output mode */
pv.quiet_flag = 1;


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