[Snort-users] traffic analysis

Jyri Hovila jyri.hovila at ...2940...
Mon Sep 10 11:06:02 EDT 2001


> I need some tool to analyse network traffic. The most important thing
> I would like to know is what IP generates what traffic and which
> services generate what traffic. I am curious if it could be done using
> snort? I need this data on daily basis.

In my opinion Snort isn't the tool for this purpose. I like using these

- iptraf (http://cebu.mozcom.com/riker/iptraf/)

     * Gives detailed traffic information
     * Is just excellent... =)

- mrtg (http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/mrtg.html)

     * Generates HTML pages with nice graphs of all traffic (no details)

- ipaudit (http://ipaudit.sourceforge.net/)

     * Gives detailed traffic information
     * ipaudit-web
       generates nice HTML pages from ipaudit data



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