[Snort-users] predefined variables

Nathan W. Labadie ab0781 at ...3381...
Mon Sep 10 06:32:06 EDT 2001

Are there any predefined variables that can be used in the snort 
configuration file (ie, %m-%d-%y for month-date-year)? 

Here's the problem I'm having:
I have "output log_tcpdump: /var/log/snort/snort_log.tcpdump" specified 
in my configuration file. Whenever snort gets restarted, it stops 
logging to the file because the file already exists. I'd like to be 
able to have it name the file something like 

I know if I don't pass any options to "output log_tcpdump" it'll do 
something similiar to this, but I was wondering if there was any way to 
have more control over it...

Thanks much,

Nathan W. Labadie       | ab0781 at ...3381...
Sr. Security Specialist | 313/577.2126
Wayne State University  | 313/577.5626 fax

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