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Sun Sep 9 02:41:01 EDT 2001


I would recommend you get a hold of Stephen Northcutt's works 

Intrusion Detection Analysts Handbook (sorry don't have that to hand for the
Intrusion Signatures and Analysis ISBN:0-7357-1063-5

The second one in particular is superb and would give you an excellent start
in your project.  Most "classic" attacks are in it with snort output and
triggering rules etc.  

You should also check out http://www.sans.org/giac.htm


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>Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 14:19:42 -0400
>From: Greg Sarsons <gsarsons at ...530...>
>To: snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net
>Subject: [Snort-users] traffic analysis

>I'm working on a school project that will deal with traffic analysis ...
>usage statistics, what traffic is being seen, unexpected traffic etc.

>Does anyone have thoughts on using snort to accomplish this?

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