[Snort-users] OS Choice - No Flame War!

gary.smith at ...3189... gary.smith at ...3189...
Sun Sep 9 00:44:02 EDT 2001

Without wishing to start some sort of Jihad/Flame War (_please_ take note)
can someone give me an objective comparison of Snort on the various

Everyone will have their own personal favourites and thats fine by me, but
I'm looking to make a long term decision on probe OS and I'd rather that
wasn't made on the back of a "use RedHat because I like it" post.

An objective Win32 vs. *NIX comparison followed by a best *NIX would be

I use or have used Windows2000, NT, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Mandrake, RedHat,
Caldera.  They are all good operating systems in their own way.  Comparisons
are only valid when discussing equivalent skilled administrators on both
platforms.  I have seen *NIX boxes that were wide open in comparison to NT
boxes I have hardened (and vice versa).



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