[Snort-users] Help needed -- trying to log to a mysql database

Peter Borner peter at ...3373...
Sat Sep 8 08:47:02 EDT 2001


I'm new to SNORT. I've been struggling all day to get SNORT to run as a
daemon and log to a MySql Database. I have diligent followed the
instructions in the various README and INSTALL files (not diligently
enough I hear you say!) I have successfully installed SNORT and MySql on
my Linux box and followed the instructions to create the database,
tables, users, etc., but when I try to start SNORT I get an error asking
me to check the spelling of "mysql" in the snort.conf file and, if
necessary to reconfigure, recompile and reinstall snort. I have
reconfigured with "-with-mysql" and run make; make install again without
error (and the config.log shows no errors against "Checking for MySql").
However, I still get the error when trying to start SNORT.

If anyone can help me I'd be eternally grateful.

Peter Borner

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