[Snort-users] thing on the snort.org page???

Brian bmc at ...950...
Fri Sep 7 17:07:03 EDT 2001

According to Travis Farmer:
> Tat thing to the right that says "Latest hosts that thought scanning an IDS 
> site would go unnoticed ", and then lists off the IPs. How di i get my page 
> to do that?

Since this is the zillionth time I have been asked, I've finally
cleaned up the code enough that I'm not completely embarrassed by it.

This isn't just a simple 'grep|awk|print' script.  

I had a number of goals when I wrote this script:

1) What if there are not enough attacks in /var/log/messages?
2) Can we show the latest IPs first?
3) Can we NOT show my workstation's IP address.  (This came about
   because my workstation at work showed up and someone called my 
4) Can our site be cooler than any IDS site out there?

Brian Caswell
Snort Rules Nazi & Webmaster
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