[Snort-users] Silcondefense.com Snort_1.8.b77_MSSQL_Binary

Stephen Shepherd drew600_1999 at ...131...
Thu Sep 6 09:45:03 EDT 2001

I discovered this file out on the SD website.  It looks as if they have
compiled Snort with support for Microsoft SQL Server.  I imagine this is via
ODBC but I am looking for some more info.  I will try to contact them as
well, but I thought I would post here and see if anyone would chime in.  I
plan on playing with this today but I thought I would ask if anyone has TSQL
scripts for table creation.  If not I will see what I can do with the MySql
setup script.  If I am successful I will post the TSQL up for anyone that is
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