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  I've seen this posted to the lists a couple of times, but without resolution.  So I'm hoping by reposting I might add some previously missing detail, or someone will be insipered with the solution or something ;)

  In my case (and all the other posts I've seen) this occurs when trying to use the archiving option in ACID with a postgresql backend.  The archive database seems to be fine and all other queries work ok.  However when the archive command is submitted I get this (ACID is in debug mode):

Gathering elements from 50 alert blobs
1 - 488766
Checking for DB abstraction lib in '/data/www/adodb/adodb.inc.php'
Database ERROR:ERROR: Bad int8 external representation "" 

  This happens irrespective of which critera I am using to archive the events and how many I am trying to archive at once.

Any ideas more than welcome ;)


Lee Brotherston - <lee at ...3342...>

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