[Snort-users] Re: (Snort-users) Log analysis tools

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Thu Sep 6 06:45:07 EDT 2001

On  0, sandro.poppi at ...3316... wrote:
> Try ACID. It's not that simple to install because of various support packages
> needed and it's database related, but you get all alerts when they happen
> /nearly realtime) and it can be queried via a browser.
> ACID can be found on http://www.cert.org/kb/acid/

Thank you for replying and this info. Is ACID a memory hog? SnortSnarf needs
lot of tuning up(that is another discussion). I would assume that such (ACID)
setup would be on a different box and not on the Snort agent itself.

Thank you once again.

Subba Rao
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