[Snort-users] snort 1.8.1 with mysql support

Peter Branch pete at ...3326...
Tue Sep 4 11:09:07 EDT 2001


I am currently trying to use the configure script to create the necessary 
makefiles for Snort.   However, the configure script is having difficulty 
locating  the mysql headers.  Below is what I am entering...

./configure --with-mysql=/usr/include/mysql --prefix=/usr/local/snort

I've checked and the mysql.h header and numerous other mysql header files 
and indeed locating in /usr/include/mysql directory.

System details...

RedHat 7.1
MySQL 3.23-41 (w/ devel, client and shared-3.23-41)
Libpcap 0.6.2
Libnet 1.0.2a

Any Suggestions...Thanks.


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