[Snort-users] snort 1.8.1 and vision18.rules and mysql

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Mon Sep 3 07:29:15 EDT 2001

The problem that you are having with the first issues is that you are
trying to use classifications from both rule sets. Unfortuneatly they
are not using the same classifications and priority settings.

I wrote a Windows 2000 application that merges the two rule sets
together and cleans up some of the differences between them. It is
called IDS Policy Manager and you can download it at www.activeworx.com.
If you start out with the official rule set, this app makes it easy to
merge in new official rules and new whitehat rules when they come out. 


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I updated from snort 1.7 to 1.8.1 and am using vision18.rules from
www.whitehats.com. When starting snort I get weird errors saying "Bad
priority setting ..." over and over for vision18.rules. Disabling it in
snort.conf resolves this but I would like to use them. Any hints?

A second prob I have is with mysql: Since I'm no database guru I don't
know how to upgrade the existing snort 1.7 database to 1.8.1 using the
create_mysql. Running it on the existing db gives me error messages
about existing tables (which is ok I know). Did anyone on the list
already upgrade the db and could send me how?


Sandro Poppi

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