[Snort-users] snort user not known

L Henry Williams hwilliam at ...3934...
Sun Oct 28 13:44:02 EST 2001

Sorry to post to all, but I have checked the faq and searched vis geocrawler archives for snort
for answers to my question.

I just installed snort via a redhat rpm, and I am getting the error messasge below.

[root at ...3935... init.d]# ./snortd start
Starting snort: [!] ERROR: User "snort" unknown
[root at ...3935... init.d]# 

and when I try to do /usr/sbin/snort-update I get the same thing. Also when booting now I have the same
snortd failed message during boot-up.

I can start snort like /usr/sbin/snort -v or whatever, and see it's working.
Any help appreciated.


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