[Snort-users] ACID & Snort Archive

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What versions of ADODB and ACID are you using?  I found that ADODB 1.4 made
a significant difference during archiving.

Jason Lewis
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I have a question about archiving data.  I am using ACID to do this.  I have
a Celeron 400 and 384 megs of ram.  I have currently 340,000 records in the
database.  I am trying to move 70,000 alerts from live to archive.  I had my
timeout setup at 3600 seconds and it times out.  I changed it to 7200
seconds and it still times out, it only moves a few thousand records.  Any
ideas on why this would take so long?  Is my machine just too slow?

Mike Walter,
3z.net a PCD Company,
PCD Network Solutions, Inc,
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