[Snort-users] Minimal mysql files for snort

Jeremy prrthd25 at ...131...
Thu Oct 25 14:46:08 EDT 2001

Hello all,
  I'm pretty new to mysql and acid and I am trying to
get snort to log to a remote mysql server. I am going
to run snort on a redhat 7.1 box and I would like to
know what the minimal mysql install is that I can
compile snort with mysql support and get it to send
its logs to a remote mysql server. I will be using the
redhat mysql rpms and i just don't want to blindly
install all the rpms if I don't need them. The rpms I
have available to me are:


 I am willing to pull files out of the rpms if I don't
need the whole rpm. I'm just trying to make the box as
minimalistic and secure as possible.

Please cc me since I'm not on the list.


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