[Snort-users] Mult snort instances and portscan logging

Stephen Shepherd drew600_1999 at ...131...
Thu Oct 25 11:06:09 EDT 2001

I am running 3 instances of Snort(under Win2k) and I would like to
consolidate the portscan logs. Since ACID will only let me reference one
file for Portscan data I would like to have the portscan logs combined.  I
assume it would not be wise to write to the same log from all three
Will barnyard collect this data together as well as Alert data? 
Could I just concatenate them and reference the combined file in ACID, or do
the entries need to be in chronological order?
BTW any idea when Barnyard will support Microsoft SQL?  I would be more than
happy to help test that.  Implementing Barnyard is the next big step in my
IDS project.
Thanks in advance.
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