[Snort-users] Help with Hub and Router setup

T.Ferris tommy at ...3366...
Thu Oct 25 09:10:09 EDT 2001

Hello.  ;0)

I need some help.  I have a cable connection that in hooked into my 4 port 
LinkSys Router.  From there I have a hub plugged into my LinkSys router with 
my snort box in it in the DMZ.  I want to change this setup.  What I want to 
do is, have my cable connection go into my Hub, then from there plug into my 
router.  So I can then put my Snort box on the hub with no IP address (im 
running snort 1.8 on Mandrake).  I tried doing this but it didnt work.  On my 
router it has a WAN connection and an uplink?  Do I need a cross over cable 
or something?  Also, how would I plug it in the ports?  From the hub to the 
WAn port on my LinkSys?  Thanks in advance.


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