[Snort-users] A little success story

Mark Forsyth forsythm at ...1704...
Thu Oct 25 07:23:15 EDT 2001


A company that I occasionally do some system admin work for was getting 
worried about the amount of "Stuff(tm)" that was arriving at their doorstep 
and asked me to have a look for 'em. Configured up the rusty old laptop 
with Slackware, Apache / php, Snort Postgres and Acid and took myself along 
to see 'em. Plugged the laptop into the network (that was a whole other 
story... I had to go and buy a second PCMCIA network card...) and went out 
for a smoke..(Yeah, I know. I'll give up some day) Came back in, cranked up 
Netscape on one of their boxes and had a look at what snort said. The 
upshot was that I spent the arvo configuring a box up for 'em so they could 
do it themselves. Can you say impressed. They can...:-) Their IT manager 
spent the arvo playing with the Acid output from the laptop...:)
It's a pity that it's so easy to set up an Linux based router / firewall 
with Snort and stuff. I only got a days work out of 'em...

Mark F...

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