[Snort-users] upgraded some tools (snortplot)

Angelos Karageorgiou angelos at ...788...
Thu Oct 25 02:37:09 EDT 2001

Hello Great all, 

I have been trying to make heads and tails of the new logging scheme,
 which is totally unclean btw, and came up with the 3rd version of
and a brand new rewrite for snortplot.

Snortplot now takes the output generated by snortlog to graph the attacks,
I know I should have done this before but you know how it goes.

Anyways the tools are not online on http://www.unix.gr together
with a search engine for the whole .GR domain.

Complains/flames/congratulations/Beer please address them directly
to my email-box.

Thank you all
Angelos Karageorgiou

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