[Snort-users] FW: Two questions...

Grimes, Shawn (NIA/IRP) GrimesSh at ...3368...
Wed Oct 24 20:04:01 EDT 2001

 Alright I have two questions that I haven't been able to find answers for.
Or at least answers that were satisfying.  Sorry if these are being repeated
but I didn't see anything in any of the forums or any of the recent messages
to this group.
 First the details:
Redhat linux 7.2 on a dual 1.3 GHz PIII w/ 1 Gig of RAM
Snort Version 1.8.1-RELEASE (Build 74)
dumping to a MySQL database using the latest stable release
 1).  Snort keeps logging two entries of each alert.  There is definately
only one instance of snort running, and there is only one interface that
it's monitoring/active.  Has anyone had similar problems?
 2).  I'm on a network with probably 1,000 nodes.  The traffic ranges
anywhere from 5Mbit/sec and I've seen as high as 20Mbit/sec.  The CPU
utilization of SNORT is up to 99% constantly.  And I'm getting significant
packet losses as you can imagine.  Is this too high of a demand for SNORT?
If not, what are some ways I can lower the CPU usage and increase the amount
of packets SNORT can handle?  Thanks for any suggestions.
 Thank You,
 Shawn Grimes
 Gerontology Research Center
 grimessh at ...3368...

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