[Snort-users] Couple of weird acid issues

Mike Shaw mshaw at ...3165...
Wed Oct 24 07:44:07 EDT 2001

Anyone else seen these behaviors?

(Acid 0.9.6b16, Snort 1.7, OpenBSD 2.9-stable, MySQL 3.23.37)

On an alert listing page--checking the box on an alert group, selecting 
"Delete Alert(s)" and then hitting "selected" results in "No alerts were 
selected or the DELETE was not successful".  But if I go in to the "Query 
results" page, select "Delete Alert(s)" and hit "entire query" I get 
"Successful DELETE - 1234 alert(s)" (it works).

On the acid_stat_ipaddr.php page, when doing a local whois on an IP, I get 
"Database ERROR:You have an error in your SQL syntax near 's, and related 
POC's. Please use the whois server at rs.internic.net for DOMAIN ' at line 1"

When archiving (move) items, I get "Ignored 1234 duplicate alert(s)" and 
"No alerts were selected or the ARCHIVE-move was not successful", no matter 
how I select the alerts.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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