[Snort-users] Snort Stopping

Matthew Francis mf at ...2811...
Tue Oct 23 02:40:02 EDT 2001


I know this has been mentioned a lot here but this case is a little
different.  The box is running RedHat 7.1 with Snort 1.8.1.  When I
configured the box a couple of months ago I ghosted a copy of it before it
when 'live'.  Its been running fine until very recently where Snort has been
stopping after only a few hours of running.  I decided to ghost it back to
how it was 2 months ago when it was working.  For some reason this hasn't
fixed the problem.  Its really odd because obviously the software is exactly
the same as it was then and none of the hardware has changed (the box hasn't
even been touched!).  None of the network topology has changed either.

Anyone got any ideas???

Matthew Francis
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