[Snort-users] What can Snort listen for?

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Mon Oct 22 14:37:31 EDT 2001

Yes. That is what Snort is for (watch the network traffic promiscously)
... it sees all the packets on the network  (provided it is a BUS topology)
If it is switched network , then B sees only packets destined to it or going
from it.

Hi all,

I have something not very clear... Suppose I have the network in the

     +-----------------> |  10BASE-T Hub | <------------+
      |                                          ^
      |                                           |
  ---------                 -------------------------
  | Host A |               |  Host B (running Snort)  |          | Host
C |
  ----------               -------------------------

In this example, can the Host B capture all the traffic between Host A
and C?

Thanks in advacne.

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