[Snort-users] Alerting on >n packets?

Fraser Hugh hugh_fraser at ...2804...
Mon Oct 22 10:12:02 EDT 2001

Have a look at sec.pl (Simple Event Correlation)at
www.estpak.ee/~risto/sec/. It will do some of the basic time-based event
correlation you're talking about, as well as multiple event relationships
(ie. surpress further out-of-limit events until an in-limit event occurs).
It can be configured to read from a pipe that Snort logs to.

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> I would change the topic to "Alerting on >n events".
> This is something I tried to do, but failed in ISS.  Either 
> the product didn't support thresholds or I couldn't find it 
> in the documentation.  The situation was the following:
> N events in K time is normal behaviour
> 10N events in K time is a warning level
> 100N events in K time is an active attack requiring immediate response
> To accomplish this, I fed all events to a Tivoli Distributed 
> Monitoring system using SNMP.  Tivoli did the event 
> collection and thresholding.  When it reached its trigger 
> points, then the Tivoli response system dished out the 
> appropriate emails and pages.
> > 
> > That's a good feature suggestion, but it's not implemented 
> in Snort at
> > this time.  It could probably be a nice feature for a 
> post-processing
> > system if you didn't want to modify Snort's source code.
> > 
> I agree that it would be a nice feature, but not in the core 
> code.  I would advocate doing in the post-processing system.
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