[Snort-users] ACID memory usage bug (causing browser hangs, large memory usage in web server)

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Mon Oct 22 01:27:02 EDT 2001

Hello Roman,

the new ACID cvs-version works great for me, my browser doesn't hang any

Thanks for this cool tool.



Since version 0.9.6b15, there have been reports that the page loading time
in ACID slows down over time ultimately resulting in complete hanging of
the browser; if PHP memory-limits were enabled, exhaustion of memory; and
bloated httpd memory usage.

I believe this problem has been isolated to inefficient usage of memory in
storing state information required to support the "back button".  All
version of ACID since 0.9.6b15 are affected.

Committed to CVS is code which:

* improves memory usage (it is not optimal yet, but at least session usage
is no longer growing 18K ^ n bytes per page load; where n denotes how many
pages you have viewed since acid_main.php.  Memory usage is now 18K * n).

* introduces the configuration variable $maintain_history in
acid_conf.php to toggle whether a page history should be kept to support
the "back button".  Default is $maintain_history=1, which keeps this
state.  However, if you continue experiencing problems related to memory
usage set $maintain_history=0.

* prints debugging information to display the size of the current
PHP session (if $debug_mode=1).

Thanks for all the various bug reports,

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