[Snort-users] Snort on IP-less interface

Madhav Diwan mdiwan at ...3717...
Sun Oct 21 20:51:28 EDT 2001

dear hasnain,

we need more info:

 try to tell us something about what version of snort where your putting
it in what operating system..  what the command line is that you are
using to start snort .. does snort start at all ...etc?.. you know ..
simple things like that.

for instance i can give you just as much info as you gave us:  
snort doesnt need an ip and and it works fine without one for me. ..
this fact though interesting does not help you or members of the list. 

dont take this the wrong way ,..and please tell us more about your

thank you


> Hasnain Atique wrote:
> My apologies if this has been covered before.
> I'm trying to set up Snort on an interface (promiscuous mode) without
> an IP address. So far, no luck. Can anyone please advise.
> TIA.
> -- Hasnain

Madhav Diwan
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