[Snort-users] Snort -D dissapears on RH 7.1

Ryan Hill rhill at ...2446...
Sat Oct 20 18:33:09 EDT 2001


Using Snort 1-8.1-RELEASE on RH 7.1 with MySQL 3.23.42 and the latest and
greatest ACID build. snort appears to have problems staying alive in daemon
mode...  Looking through the archives, a few people mentioned using daemon
tools to restart the service, but, being the linux newbie I am - can't seem
to locate the utility.  Can someone point me in the right direction, or
suggest an alternative they prefer to keep the service running?

Note: No coredump was produced, but the following was discovered in syslog:

Oct 20 15:16:22 devastator snort: database: Unable to insert the alert
reference into the DB 
Oct 20 15:16:22 devastator kernel: device eth1 left promiscuous mode

Thanks in advance,

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