[Snort-users] Snort on Checkpoint Firewall-1

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Some info you asked for.
Checkpoint module gets installed just after the link-layer. This means
it gets to deal with traffic before layer 3 does (IP).
On another note, if I am you I would not run snort on the same box as my
Firewall. Install your firewall on a dedicated box always. You certainly
do not wish to have surprises. 
This is just my 2c
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I'm running Snort v1.8.1 on the same Linux box that I'm running a
Checkpoint Firewall-1 firewall.  However, my snort logs are not showing
any activity.  When I ran Snort with IPTables, I saw plenty of activity.
I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not Checkpoint runs at a higher
priority on Linux and therefore blocks packets before Snort has a chance
to analyze them?
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