[Snort-users] Update schema

East, Bill eastb at ...3694...
Thu Oct 18 13:47:21 EDT 2001

I simply must be dim.

Running snort 1.8.1, ACID v0.9.6b16. ACID shows schema version 1.03. I
downloaded the latest and extracted the create_mysql script. Entered mysql,
USEd the proper database, and SOURCEd the script. It ran, and I can do a
SELECT * from schema to get

| vseq | ctime               |
|  103 | 2001-09-20 14:18:21 |
|  104 | 2001-10-18 16:13:44 |

But ACID stays with schema 103, even after killing and restarting mysql and
snort. Was there magic that I needed to do prior to the update? Do I need a
later version of snort? Am I missing something painfully obvious? Are all
Vulcans as snippy as T'Pol? I give up.

be - MOS

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