[Snort-users] data table full in MYSQL

Reeves, Michael (GEAE, Compaq) michael.reeves at ...3457...
Tue Oct 16 09:56:09 EDT 2001


	database: mysql_error: The table 'data' is full

my data.MYD is 4.2 gigs :) I killed a bunch of events from the acid dbase
but no dice. It looks like it is pulling them into cache but not deleting
them from the data.myd directory. The user has full rights over the dbase.
Also when I go into cache and status is says there are 300,000+ alerts but
only 56000 cached events. I update the alert cache and it says 0 alerts
added. I am not sure of how the process works. Should I wipe the DB and
start over? 


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