[Snort-users] newbe newbe

Petriz, Pablo ppetriz at ...3815...
Mon Oct 15 10:05:01 EDT 2001


I want to know if i can put SNORT to work in the same box where i
have an IPchains+Squid proxy (SQU). The scenario is a SOHO that wants
to give internet navigation for a few employees with a cheap internet
access: one wireless 128kbp internet connection, lets call it INT.
The SQU box has two NICs. This is the current situation:

INT ---> SQU ---> SWITCH to internal LAN

If it´s not recommended (or ridiculous, or impossible) to install 
SNORT on the SQU box, what is better to do?

a) INT ---> Hub---> SQU    ---> SWITCH
              \---> SNORT 

b) INT ---> SQU ---> Hub---> SWITCH
                       \---> SNORT

c) yes, yes, a) AND b), but thats too much $$$ for an Argentinian 
   SOHO right now.

d) others.

Thanks in advance!


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