[Snort-users] Odd traffic from Windows 2K servers

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You could always try shutting tasks down one at a time until you find
what is generating the traffic.


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Here's a strange one - I'm getting _thousands_ of packets per
hour from the Windows 2K domain controllers / Active Directory
root servers (both functions on same box).

They generate UDP port 137/138 traffic that has both the source
and destination _exactly the same_ (port and IP).


BAD TRAFFIC same SRC/DST 2001-10-11 00:19:28 UDP

I'm more of a *NIX head than a Gates Clone, so this was something
_really_ strange to me.  The local admins are clueless as well.

I searched on Google, MS Technet, etc. with no luck on finding
anything that causes this error.

Anyone out there seen this before?  Can help me identify what's
causing this traffic?  Should I just "tune" it out of the rules?


Ed Vázquez

I *____knew* I had some reason for not logging you off... If I could
remember what it was.

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