[Snort-users] Snort 1.8-Win32, build 74, on WinNT4.0 service pack 6

ible snover ible_snover at ...3793...
Fri Oct 12 00:39:10 EDT 2001

Hi everybody, 

can someone tell me why my Snort is blocking all traffic through my modem??

I have Snort 1.8-WIN32, build 74, running with the latest rules, on WinNT 4.0 S.P. 6, 

I have installed WinPcap. 

Whenever i start Snort in IDS mode, it just blocks everything, i cant download 
ANYTHING.... cant even check my email.

Sorry if this is the sort of problem which only Newbies have, but if I cant get Snort 
working properly, I am never going to bother tinkering with it and becoming an expert 

Thansk for any help or suggestions,


ible snover
phone:+61 8 8338 0265
mailto:ible_snover at ...3793...

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