[Snort-users] iptable support

Joshua Brindle jbrindle at ...3790...
Thu Oct 11 20:40:06 EDT 2001

There was some talk in november of last year about a version of snort written to use iptables but i can't find this anywhere, and the authors email @secureworks.net seems not to work anymore. The responce said that snort would likely at some time be more modular and able to support alternate packet capturers, but it seems like snort is still very reliant on pcap. The reason i'm wondering is because i want a sort of active IDS that will simply drop packets that match a signature, instead of trying to reset the connection. I wrote a pcap 'driver' that uses ipq but it seems that the m->payload and bp are in different formats and i don't know how to convert between them, the patch is at http://web.snu.edu/~jbrindle/pcap-netfilter.diff if anyone wants to take a look and see what they can do, or tell give me more info on snorts state as non-pcap reliant. Thanks for any info or pointers. :)

Joshua Brindle
UNIX Administrator
Southern Nazarene University

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