[Snort-users] Odd traffic from Windows 2K servers

Vazquez, Ed Ed.Vazquez at ...3770...
Thu Oct 11 09:05:10 EDT 2001

Oh yes, I am aware that these are the NETBIOS ports.  These are
internal Domain Controllers/Active Directory root servers so
NETBIOS is acceptable (well, UNIX with LDAP would be preferrable,
but since most folks here can't spell it I've got to work with
what I have).

My question is still:

Has anyone seen behaviour before where a Windows box will send
UDP traffic to _itself_?

If so, what was the cause (since Technet, Google, etc. turn up
nothing) and the cure?

If not, does anyone have any suggestions? (Other than ripping
them out and replacing with UNIX - already been there with the

- Ed

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> >Here's a strange one - I'm getting _thousands_ of packets per
> >hour from the Windows 2K domain controllers / Active Directory
> >root servers (both functions on same box).
> >
> >They generate UDP port 137/138 traffic that has both the source
> >and destination _exactly the same_ (port and IP).
> ports 137-138 = netbios.  should not have netbios allowed 
> in/out border 
> firewall, should not have netbios running on public server.
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