[Snort-users] help with entries in alert file - RPC portmap request and ICMP superecho scan

Paul Millar dazzlepm at ...3060...
Wed Oct 10 14:56:12 EDT 2001

As a new user of snort I have recieved a couple of entries in my snort 
alert file which I need more information on and wether they are anything 
to be worried about.

I've had two 'RPC portmap request rstad' and one 'ICMP superecho scan' 
and two of the IP addresses where they have come from do not resolv to 
anything meaningful and they are all Classified as 'Attempted 
Information Leak'.

I am running a RedHat 6.2 server to act as a modem sharing server for a 
small home network.

All help appreciated,


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