[Snort-users] Nimda specific logging

Subba Rao subba9 at ...530...
Wed Oct 10 13:44:13 EDT 2001


I am trying to log Nimda specific traffic to a file "nimda.log".
In snort.conf, I have defined a new ruletype, which is as follows:

ruletype nimda
 type alert
 output alert_fast: nimda.log

In my "nimda.rules" file, the rule syntax is as follows:

nimda tcp $EXTERNAL_NET 80 -> $HOME_NET any (.......)

With this new ruletype, I do not see any nimda specific logging going
into the "nimda.log". When I run SnortSnarf on the existing "alert" file,
their is mention of the "nimda.rules file" to some alerts.

Could someone point out what I am missing for this new ruletype?

Thank you in advance.

Subba Rao
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