[Snort-users] WIN32 install

SkatFiend at ...661... SkatFiend at ...661...
Wed Oct 10 11:40:11 EDT 2001

OK, I need some serious help here.

I am completly new to Snork. I downloaded and ran the "Snoke Windows 
Installer" from SiliconDefense on a Win2K server, SP2. It appears to have 
done the basic install correctly. This is supposed to install Snork 1.8 as a 
service on Win2K, with MySQL support.

I have looked through what documentation I can find and made basic 
adjustments to the IDS rules.

I currently do not appear to be getting any hits and I know there is activity 
that the default configuration of Snork should be logging.

What also is involed in setting up MySQL and ACID?

I guess I need the Snork step by step manual for dummies.

Any help is appreciated.

Cliff Arms
Metrocall, Inc.
703-660-6677 x3634

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